MOBIRIX's new title “Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG”, Enjoy the thrill of infinite growth

관리자 2021.02.01

[Review] Top 50 domestic Google Play sales, “Popular”, A steady upward trend!

MOBIRIX’s new game, “Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG” is in ranked on 49th in the domestic Google Play game sales rankings. It has good concerned by users that the unique game nature of an idle RPG that is easy and simple, but has infinite growth, is structured by an advertisement-based revenue model that is less burdened for users and a paid product structure centering on micropayment users.

‘Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG' is a game that growing 'knights' to attack 'dungeons' as the title offered. The game applied 3D graphics to create a three-dimensional effect, and has basic abilities such as attack power, critical hit, and chance of critical hit, as well as various elements such as skills, weapons, classes, artifacts, and pets.


In particular, with the concept of infinite growth, player can grow the character with the amount of damage and the amount of gold acquired in units that are hard to see in daily life as well as billion, trillion, quadrillion, and quintillion from the beginning. This is also the core fun element of the game. It is the driving force that keeps the game going by giving the fun that the character's abilities become stronger through growth from the beginning.

The game’s structure is simple. The main character, knight, attacking the dungeon defeats the monsters that constantly approaching. The knight automatically moves and attacks the monster by pressing the 'Auto' button even if the user does not control it. It provides flexibilities for the players to control the character or play with auto. Players able to increase knight’s attack power, critical hit, and chance of critical hit, and enhance character’s skills by using the gold through hunting monsters.

If the knight’s ability is strong enough, player able to enter the boss battle then defeat the boss and move on to next stage. Stronger monsters appear as stage progress, and reward increases accordingly. In this process, the players can experience the strengthened abilities of his or her knight.


Obviously, it is not sufficiency to cultivate strong knight simply by subduing monsters and enhancing their abilities with the gold and goods obtained. Not only acquiring weapons, classes, artifacts, pets by using jewels, but also 10 times attack buff and 10 times acquiring gold are essential. Fortunately, the players burden is low. Jewels that consumed in various draws pick can be obtained sufficiently by watching advertisements and push notifications. Buff effect also able to via watching advertisements for a certain period of time. There are packages available such as advertisement skip functions have been prepared for the player who are uncomfortable watching advertisements, moreover jewels can be obtained through achievements.


Also, arena is available, which the content that battle with other players. Players also able to enjoy content such as raids that target bosses in cooperation with other users.