MOBIRIX strengthens mid-core genre, and launches 3 new games on globally

관리자 2020.11.05

MOBIRIX launches 3 new mid-core games globally on the 3rd.

“Expect to improve generating revenue this year and future expectation for in app sales growth through strengthening the mid-core game group”




Mobile game development and supplier, MOBIRIX’s CEO, Joong-Su Lim has expectations for performance on earning by launching new games one after another in the peak season for game industry during year end and New Year holidays.


MOBIRIX has released 3 new RPG genre of mid-core games in the global market on the 3rdOne is ‘Vampire Slasher Hero’ that developed by MOBIRIX based on external IP. The other two games are Publishing serviced game which are ‘Soul Masker’ and ‘Idle Rush’.


MOBIRIX has diversified the company’s portfolio with the launch of a number of mid-core games in the second half of the year in order to improve in-app sales significantly. Mid-core games are in the middle of monotonous casual game and hard-core games. It contains both casual games’ high level of fun and consuming less data than hard-core games. The revenues are generated from both advertising and in app purchasing.


MOBIRIX aims to improve overall sales through increasing ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) by strengthening the mid-core game. it is explained release of a number of mid-core games to target the year-end and New Year holidays, which is peak of the season in the game market, is expected to drive sales.


MOBIRIX mentioned “We have grown specialized in casual games, moreover our main sales have been advertising through casual games, however strengthening and vitalizing mid-core games are expected that earning will improve this year and, in the future, through in-app sales growth”.


Meanwhile, MOBIRIX is about to listed on KOSDAQ. It recorded 40.3 billion (KRW) in sales, and 7.4 billion (KRW) in operating profit last year. In the first half of the year, it achieved 21.3 billion (KRW) in sales, and 2.7 billion (KRW) in operating profit.