[Featured stock] MOBIRIX, upper limit price on first day of listing ... 160%↑ of public offering price

관리자 2021.01.28



MOBIRIX, a mobile game developer and publisher, is soaring on the first day of listing on the KOSDAQ.


According to the KOREA EXCHANGE (KRX) on the 28th, at 9:42 am, MOBIRIX reached at an upper limit price 36,400 (KRW), a 30% increase (8,400 KRW) from the initial price.


MOBIRIX formed the initial price of the day at 28,000 (KRW), which is twice of the public offering price (14,000 KRW). The return on the offering price based on the present price is increased 160%.


In the forecast for institutional investors conducted on the 14th to 15th, MOBIRIX recorded a competition rate of 1407.53 to 1, and confirmed at the top of the public offering price as 14,000 (KRW). Subsequently, in the public offering price for public that took place on the 19th to 20th, the competition rate recorded 1485.51 to 1, and collected about 3,743.5 billion (KRW) as a margin.


MOBIRIX is founded in 2004, and engaged in mobile casual game development and publishing as its main business. Over 200 games are servicing around the world through Google Play and Apple’s App Store, moreover it is solidifying its position as the number 1 company in the number of global downloads in Korea.


MOBIRIX’s public offering fund is KRW 25.2 billion. The funds inflow to the company used for

1.     Game development costs to expand mid to long-term new lineups

2.     Investment in excellent game developers and studios for synergy from external sourcing

3.     User data analysis advancement development costs.

CEO of MOBIRIX, said, "After listing, we will spur on development and publishing of new games, and at the same time, we will keep constantly strive to improve shareholder value."