MOBIRIX, Top 3 most downloaded Korean publishers as worldwide

관리자 2021.02.03


MOBIRIX ranked 3rd in the world's top downloaded Korean publishers last year selected by App Annie.

App Annie released a list of top publishers that made achievements in the mobile app market last year. MOBIRIX ranked as 3rd in the list of top 10 Korean publishers worldwide by downloads. NAVER was first, followed by Samsung.

MOBIRIX is a casual mobile game company that established in 2004, also it was listed on the KOSDAQ on the 28th of last month.



MOBIRIX is servicing more than 200 games in the global market through Google Play and Apple App Store. The average monthly users reach 50 million. The strength of this company is diversified sales structure, such as 63% of platform-based advertising revenue sales and 33% of in-app payments. Recently, the mid-core RPG Dungeon Knight: 3D Idle RPG' has been gaining popularity as it entered the top 40 in the domestic Google Play sales ranking.

Last year, the company achieved sales of 43.7 billion (KRW), operating income of 10.3 billion (KRW), and net income of 8 billion (KRW). This is the result of an increase of 8.4%, 39.21%, and 29.94% compared to the previous year. Eugene Investment & Securities projected MOBIRIX's earnings this year to be 56 billion (KRW) in sales and 14.2 billion (KRW) in operating income.