MOBIRIX, a mobile game company submitted stock report for listing in November

관리자 2020.10.08

MOBIRIX has submitted a stock report, and is planning to go public in November.



MOBIRIX Corporation


MOBIRIX, the mobile game developer and supplier, has announced on the 6th that will enter KOSDAQ’s listing process after submission of stock report.


MOBIRIX develops and supplies mobile casual games, also the company is founded in 2004 and converted its form as a corporation in 2007.


A total of 2.3 million shares are offered. The public offering price range is from 13,000 (KRW) to 16,000 (KRW), therefore the expected amount of public offering is 29.9 billion (KRW) to 36.8 billion (KRW).

On the 29th and 30th, the public offering price is confirmed by institutional investor demand forecasting, and also the general public offering is planning to be made on 5th and 6th in November.

‘Korea Investment & Securities’ is charge as an organizer.


Joong-Su, Lim, CEO of MOBIRIX said “We have been striving to preoccupy the market by seeing the high value of the casual game market regardless of gender and age, moreover we will grow one step further as a global mobile game company via listing in the KOSDAQ”.